Huge Mortgage and Real Estate Savings for Our Local Heroes.

What is the Homes for Heroes Program?

The eligible hero categories are:

  • Veteran
  • Educators
  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Nurse or Healthcare Worker

Homes for Heroes is a nationally recognized program dedicated to offering financial assistance and savings to our esteemed heroes - including but not limited to military personnel, healthcare workers, firefighters, and teachers - who are looking to purchase or refinance a home. Atwood Mortgage, as a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program, is committed to honoring and giving back to those who serve our community and country. We facilitate significant savings on purchase or refinance transactions by covering the costs of appraisals, ensuring that our heroes are one step closer to achieving their homeownership dreams without the burden of excessive expenses. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team at Atwood Mortgage is ready to navigate you through the mortgage process, ensuring a seamless, cost-effective path to securing your new home or refinancing your current one. We are here to honor your service with ours, making homeownership more accessible and affordable as a token of our appreciation.